Welcome to the Be Safe Be Well Programme

The Be Safe, Be Well (BSBW) programme is a £1m Big Lottery funded project which will be rolled out across Limavady over the next 5 years.

The Programmes lead organisation and funded body is Ageing Well Roe Valley which is a well respected Borough wide organisation. Ageing Well Roe Valley provides funding and support for community groups who support the elderly and their carers.

The Be Safe, Be Well Partnership seeks to be a change agent through partnership working to make the Limavady Borough both rural and urban a safer, healthier place for all citizens over the next five years.

Addressing their issues of community safety, security, well being and health for older people, young people, vulnerable adults, people with mild mental health issues, physical disabilities and learning difficulties. This project will build on services currently provided to tackle unmet need and establish preventative projects.